Products & Services

@HomEscape Theater Interiors. A complete theater interior solution customized to fit specific room dimensions. These theaters are very high-end in appearance but costed significantly less than a site-built custom theater by a cabinetmaker, or a custom theater interior purchased from one of the several companies that specialize in these types of theaters. 


 ClassicA™ Acoustic Panels. Hardwood-framed acoustical panels, finished in our proprietary Cinergy™ line of decorative patterned fabrics (Regency & Excalibur), as well as our solid color fabric line (Dominion).  Cinergy Acoustically Transparent Fabric. Lengthy research and development time was invested in our Cinergy fabric used to cover our ClassicA acoustical panels. This fabric represents the best combination of appearance and performance ever available for home theater applications. A luxurious decorative patterned appearance with a color palette selected by a team of interior designers coupled with high-end acoustical performance that allows speakers to be hidden.